Manufacturer: Honeywell International, Inc

Model: 5140MPS-1

manual fire alarm stations are designed to be non-code single action devices for use in UL listed fire-alarm applications. The attractive die-cast aluminum-alloy housing meets ADA pull requirements and has been tested at Underwriter’s Laboratory. For ADA compliance, manual stations must be mounted less than 48o above the floor for front wheelchair access and less than 54o above the floor for side wheelchair access.

A key reset feature on the 5140MPS-1 is designed for positive authorized resetting action. The key is designed to operate and match Ademco controls. The 5140MPS-1 utilizes a terminal block for secure terminations. The 5140MPS-2 is furnished with an Allen hex fitting and is equipped with wire leads. Two alarm deterrant break tubes are supplied with each manual station; one tube is visible from the front and the spare is stored in a compartment within the unit.


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